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Hollies Girl

Noel came to us from the kill pen as a very small, unbroke 2 year old.  She was born broke.  Everything was easy for her to learn and she loved to do everything.  Jay would take her to the branding pen as a 4 year old and she was smaller than the other horses but her heart and try were large.  She was a 2D/3D barrel horse early on before Jay took her reins for heeling.  She loves cattle and Jay!  She has always been our "go-to" horse for anything that needs to get done as her mind and temperament are outstanding.  Her first foal is showing that "want-to" attitude already.  Noel stands at 15.2 hands.  Jay is already wanting her back in the roping pen where she will stay for a couple more years before she has more babies.

Noel pic.PNG


pressley and noel pic.jpg
2019 Filly by Royal Quik Frenchman
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