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Boutique Barrel Racing Breeder

Jay and I both have a love for horses and never thought we would love breeding a small number of mares.  Several years ago after my mares got hurt, we decided to try our hand at "Boutique Breeding" and specializing in breeding the best potential barrel horses from my mares.  We have ridden and used our mares so we are familiar with their temperament and weaknesses.  Over the years, we have studied stallions and how they would cross on our mares to make an outstanding barrel prospect.  We are producing offspring to be the "designer bloodlines" with very "fashionable" looking babies that will get noticed.  Plus with all the latest barrel futurity incentives, we are breeding to primarily Pink and Ruby Buckle stallions.  We sell some every year to keep playing the game and we will keep some as well to hopefully compete on.  If you see something that you like, please reach out and ask even if it is not on the For Sale Page as Jay says, everything has a price tag.