LateNite Moon

Moon has a speed index of 95 and has won over $49,000 on the track.  She was retired from the track sound to go to the broodmare pen.  She has had one foal.  Moon will be bred 2020 and have a recipient carry her baby.  We have ridden Moon and find her to be very smart and willing to learn.  We just started working her on cattle and rope box breaking her.  I recently put her on the barrels and she is a total natural that wants to turn.  I have the video of her 2nd day ever on the barrels.  We look forward to seeing great things come from this winner's offspring.

Moon 1.jpg

Coming 2021

We are very excited about this cross for 2021.  We have a confirmed heartbeat!

epic leader pic.jpg
Moon and Epic cross.jpg

Epic Leader